Celebrating Heaven
Sun, May 08, 2016
Duration:13 mins 13 secs
This Mother's Day, we dedicated this special Sunday to celebration Heaven. We wanted it to be a day of hope and a day of family. Pastor Phil Goins, our Outreach Pastor, shares with us from 1 Thessalonians 4
Topical Sermon
Sun, May 01, 2016
Duration:46 mins 43 secs
What do you do when Satan makes war against you? Have you experienced his attacks, perhaps in your family, your job or even your health? When the Amorite Kings formed an alliance against Gibeon in Joshua 10, Israel came to their defense and God promised a supernatural victory. In this stand alone sermon, Pastor Chad walks us through Joshua to show us how God can still work powerfully in our lives today. For Joshua and the children of Israel, God caused the sun and moon to stand still. He is the same yesterday, today and forever! God can work supernaturally in our lives as well. We hope this sermon is faith-building in your life.
Beauty For Ashes
Sun, Apr 24, 2016
Duration:48 mins 38 secs
Christ's Ability to Restore is the conclusion of the Beauty for Ashes Series. We have seen why Christ has the ability to set us free, how He can comfort those who mourn and how He preserves our faith. In this last session, see how Christ can restore what is ruined and desolate in our lives. This is a complicated text because it is a prophecy given both to Israel and the future gospel church. Follow along as Pastor Chad goes verse by verse and phrase by phrase to help us understand what God says about the gospel church and how this prophecy applies to the things that are ruined in our lives.
Beauty For Ashes
Sun, Apr 17, 2016
Duration:53 mins 51 secs
What does the Bible mean when it compares us to "Oaks of Righteousness?" What does the phrase, "A planting of the Lord" mean? How is God glorified by these "Oaks" that He has planted? Pastor Chad takes us through each phrase of Isaiah 61:3 to discover the deep and rich meanings of each phrase.
Beauty For Ashes
Sun, Apr 10, 2016
Duration:44 mins 34 secs
In week two of Beauty for Ashes, Pastor Chad explores why Christ has the ability to comfort all who mourn. See why Isaiah pictures a funeral scene (ashes) with a wedding scene (headdress | oil of gladness | garment of praise). The answer is because we are dead in our sins. Once Jesus has come into our lives, He becomes our Bride Groom and the Church is His Bride! Salvation takes us from being dead in sins to alive in Christ! Discover Isaiah 61 with us phrase by phrase and see why Christ has the ability to comfort all who mourn.
Beauty For Ashes
Sun, Apr 03, 2016
Duration:48 mins 26 secs
In week 1 of Isaiah 61, Pastor Chad answers the question of why does Christ have the ability to work within our lives so powerfully. How does He have the ability to bind up the broken hearted? How does He have the ability to set the captives free or open the prison doors of those who bound? The Biblical answer is that Christ has this ability because, "The Spirit of the Lord" has anointed Him to preach the good news to the poor. This sermon and even the series, is about Christ's ability to work mightily in our lives.
Fri, Apr 01, 2016
Duration:20 mins 25 secs
Ministry can be very rewarding. It can also be very damaging. This resource is created for those who have been hurt by the ministry. Our hope is that you will find comfort and healing through this resource and once again, regain the right spiritual perspective.
Fri, Apr 01, 2016
Duration:16 mins 33 secs
Does God seem distant or even silent? Does it feel as if God has been unfair to you? If so, you're not alone. Many have felt this way and the Bible has a great deal to say when we are stuck in these overwhelming feelings. We have created this resource to help those who have been disappointed by God. We hope this becomes a path forward to re-building trust and hope in His plans for you life.
Fri, Apr 01, 2016
Duration:18 mins 28 secs
So many people have walked away from the church because they have been hurt deeply. The church is suppose to be a safe place, yet many walk away wounded. This resource is created for those who have been wounded by the church.
Easter 2016
Sun, Mar 27, 2016
Duration:44 mins 11 secs
What did Paul mean when he wrote, "God has made us alive together with Christ"? In this Easter Sermon, Pastor Chad draws out the distinctions of chapter 2 showing that because we are dead in sins, it is the beautiful work of salvation that makes us alive to Christ. Because we once walked according to the course of this world, once we experience true salvation, it seats us in Heavenly places, meaning we are citizens of Heaven.
Easter 2016
Fri, Mar 25, 2016
Duration:8 mins 43 secs
What is the history of the Passover and crucifixion? How are they tied together? Rick Keller walks us through the Bible to explain how Good Friday is the pinnacle of human history. Enjoy this powerful Good Friday message.
Pierced By The Word
Sun, Mar 20, 2016
Verse 10 of 1 John 3 is the key verse to this section of the Apostle John's writing. He wants us to know if we are genuine, born again children of God. It is interesting that federal agents who work for the Treasury Department who track down counterfeit money are able to spot counterfeits currency often just by touching it. How can they distinguish the difference between what is real and what is fake? You would think they studied fake money, but they don't. They study real money! The seals, the watermarks, the ink toner and much more. Because they study real currency, they are able to quickly spot counterfeit money. In a similar way, John teaches what real, authentic Christians are like. By studying what Christians are to be like, it can help you gauge if you are truly born again. This sermon is the conclusion of a three week study of 1 John.
Pierced By The Word
Sun, Mar 13, 2016
Duration:12 mins 56 secs
Are you a Christian who is plagued by doubt and struggle with the assurance of salvation? If so, 1 John has been written for you! Over 20 times, the Apostle John pens the word, "Know." It is important that you know you are born again and truly saved. In week 2, of Pierced by the Word, Pastor Chad deals with the subject of assurance of salvation from 1 John 2:1-6.
Right On The Money
Sun, Feb 28, 2016
Duration:46 mins 9 secs
Does the Bible teach Christian to invest for the future? In week 4 of Right on the Money, Pastor Chad explores what the Bible says about the topic of investing. in this talk, he explains how there should be a starting point as well as a finish line when it comes to Christ followers and their investments. It is our hope that the conclusion of the Right on the Money series will give you a Biblical view of money, possessions and eternity.
Right On The Money
Sun, Feb 21, 2016
Duration:14 mins 18 secs
Most Americans do not consider themselves rich, especially when comparing ourselves to celebrities or athletes. However, when you compare our incomes to those of the average global incomes, it becomes very clear how rich we really are. As a matter of fact, if you have sufficient food, adequate shelter, decent clothing and reliable transportation you are considered among the world's wealthy. It is important to understand how blessed we are because the Bible has very specific instructions to the "rich of this present age." The Bible says to "charge them" or instruct, command or teach them how to view their riches. So in week 3 of Right on the Money, 1 Timothy 6 has a great to say to us...we who own a good living. In reality, we are loaded. Let's learn together what God expects us to do with our wealth.
Right On The Money
Sun, Feb 14, 2016
Duration:41 mins 13 secs
The Bible speaks of money and possessions over 2,000 times because stewardship is that important in our lives. In week 2 of Right on the Money, Pastor Chad shows us the direct link in Scripture between marriage, money and contentment. He answers these questions with the Bible: - Why is it wrong to want to be rich? - How do you balance the tension of being ambitious, wanting more for your family and yet learning to be content with what you have? - Why does the Bible link adultery and affairs with the issue of money and contentment? Our goal is in this sermon is to show you why the issue of contentment is so important to your life and marriage. God has so much to say to us on this issue. We hope you will listen to this in its entirety and that God's Word will increase your faith and understanding in what God wants for your life and family.
Right On The Money
Sun, Feb 07, 2016
Duration:12 mins 51 secs
In week one of Right on the Money, Pastor Chad walks us through the book of Haggai. Most American's live pay check to pay check. What do you do when you feel strapped as a family? What do you do when there never seems to be enough to make ends meet? The people in Haggai's day dealt with the same issue. They sowed much but harvested little, they earned wages but felt like they put their money in bags with holes. They had food, clothing and homes but never felt satisfied. In other words, they were strapped. God gave them the solution to their financial woes. He told them what He expected and how to turn their situation around. Chapter 1 is about their problem. Chapter 2 is about their solution. We hope this sermon is incredibly helpful to you and your family.
Sun, Jan 31, 2016
Duration:32 mins 16 secs
Rick Keller brings us the conclusion of our 5 week series called, CHANGE. As God works in our lives to change our attitude, our thinking our relationships and even the plans of our life the natural outcome is that God is writing an amazing story with our lives. In Change My Story, Rick walks us through the life of Joseph. So many people, including his own brothers, wanted to do him harm, but God allowed it all for his good. We can look over his life and see how God was in control the entire time. Enjoy this passionate and transparent talk from Rick Keller.

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