The Hard Sayings of Jesus
Sun, Jun 07, 2015
Duration:36 mins 38 secs
Not Eveyone that Calls Me Lord will Enter Heaven - Hard Sayings of Jesus Pt. 1
Sun, May 31, 2015
Duration:41 mins 41 secs
Depression is a real enemy It affects an estimated 120 million people on the earth today. It affected many in the Bible as well as throughout church history. Pastor Chad explores how David responded to depression in Psalms 42. You will learn the tools to
Sun, May 24, 2015
Duration:34 mins 28 secs
The Bible gives us a glimpse into one of the darkest seasons of David's life. Psalms 55 was written by David during a time that he was in exile from Jerusalem. Not only had his son, Absolem, begin a rebellion against him and wanted to kill his own father
Sun, May 17, 2015
Duration:36 mins 14 secs
When David and his 600 men returned from war to their city of Ziklag, they were already tired from the long journey. They found the city burned and their wives and children kidnapped by the Amalakites. The story is found in 2 Samuel 30. The Bible says tha
Sun, May 10, 2015
Duration:35 mins 27 secs
David teaches us how to handle anxiety in your life. He prays, "Lead me to the rock that is higher than I." In this message, Pastor Chad teaches us how worry and anxiety can strangle our lives. Psalms 61 gives us a Biblical response to anxiety.
Topical Sermon
Sun, May 03, 2015
Duration:45 mins 7 secs
Hannah experienced desperate praying when she was pushed over the edge by her rival. In this sermon, Pastor Chad explores how Hannah prayed for years, probably hundreds of prayers, for a son. What made this experience different? What caused the Lord to an
My Next Step Is _____
Wed, Apr 29, 2015
Duration:40 mins 34 secs
In our final step of the Next Steps Series, Pastor Chad examines the remarkable story of Acts 3 at the healing of the lame man. We have journeyed with Peter and John from the Tomb in week 1, to the ascension of Christ in week 2 to the day of Pentecost in
My Next Step Is _____
Sun, Apr 19, 2015
Duration:51 mins 51 secs
My Next Step Is ________ Pt. 3 (Experiencing the Church)
My Next Step Is _____
Sun, Apr 12, 2015
Duration:45 mins 39 secs
My Next Step Is ________ Part 2 (Experiencing the Holy Spirit)
My Next Step Is _____
Sun, Apr 05, 2015
Duration:37 mins 24 secs
Easter Sunday 2015! Pastor Chad introduces a new series called, "My Next Step Is" In pt. 1, we see how Mary, Peter & John knew Christ, but still had to experience the Risen Christ. Many in our culture think they know about Jesus...but they have yet to exp
Topical Sermon
Fri, Apr 03, 2015
Duration:33 mins 12 secs
Pastor Chad breaks down 1 John 4:10 to show the beauty of Jesus Christ in His Sovereign, atoning work on the cross. Discover why God and How God loves humanity through the sending of His Son. Learn how, apart from the Sovereign work of God, we do not have
God Is Able
Sun, Mar 29, 2015
Duration:51 mins 29 secs
In the last sermon of the God is Able Series, Pastor Chad focuses on the ability that God has to heal our bodies. We look at the woman who had a blood disease in Mark 5. We answer questions like, "Does God still heal today?" and "How do I experience heali
God Is Able
Sun, Mar 22, 2015
Duration:43 mins 22 secs
In this inspiring sermon, you'll be reminded of God's absolute Sovereignty and His ability to work in your life. We examine the story of the 3 Hebrew Children in Daniel 3. Romans 15:4 tells us, "For whatever was written in former days was written for our
God Is Able
Sun, Mar 15, 2015
Duration:56 mins 56 secs
The Bible shares with us a very interesting story about the life of a young king in 2 Chronicles 25. The Bible says that King Amaziah "did what was right in the eyes of the Lord, but not with a whole heart." In this encouraging, yet challenging sermon, Pa
God Is Able
Sun, Mar 08, 2015
Duration:50 mins 45 secs
The Bible says to "have faith in God." So often, our faith really isn't in God. Our faith is in the outcome of our prayers. Our faith is in God doing what we want Him to do. So what happens when our prayers are not answered the way we think they should ha
Sun, Feb 15, 2015
Duration:34 mins 28 secs
In Pt. 1 of our examination of 1 Corinthians 3, the Bible teaches we are building with either Gold, Silver & Precious Stones or we are building with Wood, Hay or Straw. Pastor Chad teaches how we are building our lives out of our motives, conduct and serv
Sun, Feb 08, 2015
Duration:45 mins 49 secs
Do you sometimes feel like giving up? Does it seem like it would be easier to quit than to keep going forward in your walk with Christ? In pt. 2 of our LinkedIn Series, Pastor Chad takes us through Galatians 6 to encourage us to not quit what the Lord has
Sun, Feb 01, 2015
Duration:54 mins 5 secs
In Pt. 1 of the series, "Linked-In," Pastor Chad takes us through Lamentations 3. He explains why the book of Lamentations offers incredible hope and why studying the 5 poems that comprise and interconnects Lamentations can be so valuable to believers tod
Better Decisions - Fewer Regrets
Sun, Jan 25, 2015
Duration:39 mins 46 secs
The Bible gives us clear direction on how to not shipwreck our lives. Pastor Chad walks us through 1 Timothy 1 and shows how making the decision to always do what's right and to keep a clear conscience before the Lord will guard you from making a mess of
Better Decisions - Fewer Regrets
Sun, Jan 18, 2015
Duration:41 mins 17 secs
The story of Jacob & Esau is fascinating to read. In Pt. 3 of our Decisions Series, we see how Esau traded his future for a cheap bowl of hot stew. In this sermon, Pastor Chad will encourage you to not trade the blessings of God on your life for the thril

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